Monday, April 16, 2012

Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

PreliminaryOyster mushrooms considerable advantages, in addition to the relatively expensive price, the profits generated is relatively high, short life, the plant is also very salable in the market.
In addition, other advantages, easy cultivation and can be done throughout the year and does not require a large area. "Oyster mushrooms are tolerant to the environment and can be used as a main job or second job," said Krisnadi, oyster mushroom growers Pontianak.

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Seaweed Cultivation

I. PreliminarySeaweed (sea weeds) which in the world of science known as Algae are very popular in the world trade in the end - this end.Seaweed was first recognized by the Chinese people think - about the year 2700 BC. At that time the seaweed is widely used for vegetables and drugs - drugs. In the year 65 BC, the Romans used it as cosmetic raw materials. But with the development of time, knowledge of the sea grass was growing. Spain, France, and England made seaweed as raw material for making glass.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tiger Shrimp Cultivation

I. Preliminary
Shrimp aquaculture in Indonesia began in the early 1980's, and reached peak production in 1985-1995. So at this period of shrimp is the largest foreign exchange earner in fishery products. After 1995, shrimp production began to decline. It is caused by environmental degradation and disease attack. Seeing these conditions, PT. NATURAL NUSANTARA felt called to help overcome these problems with products that principle to the Quality, Quantity and Sustainability (K-3).

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Milkfish Fish Farming

I. Introduction.The fish is a fish species of high-producing animal protein. Intensification of farming needs to be done because of the low productivity of milk with traditional farming. Improved farming systems should also be followed by the use of new technologies.PT. NATURAL NUSANTARA provide the necessary technology to the principle of K-3 (Quantity, Quality and Health).

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cultivation of Chicken Cut

I. PreliminaryBroiler chickens (Broiler) is a chicken that can grow rapidly so as to produce meat in a relatively short (5-7 weeks). Broiler has an important role as a source of animal protein from cattle. PT. NATURAL NUSANTARA seeks to help increase productivity, quantity, quality and efficiency of broiler chickens naturally (non-chemical).

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Beef Cattle Farming

I. Introduction.The majority of beef cattle breeding business is still with the traditional pattern and scale of a sideline business. This is due to the large investment if done on a large and modern, with the scaleeven small will get a good profit if done with the principles of modern farming. PT. NATURAL NUSANTARA with the principle of K-3 (Quantity, Quality and Health) to help beef cattle feedlot farming for both large and small scale enterprises.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Cultivation Vanilla

INTRODUCTIONVanilla plants or the Green Gold is a commodity that promise. But not all vanilla precious "gold", just gives the best quality is given special rates. PT. Attempt to increase production of natural vanilla archipelago in Quantity, Quality and Sustainability (aspects of K-3).

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